McCrae Homestead Coastal Group Inc.


PO Box 29, McCrae, Vic 3938

Caring for the local Environment

McCrae Homestead Coastal Group Inc.

The McCrae Homestead Coastal Group Inc. was incorporated in 1997. Residents wanted to maintain the local indigenous vegetation around and about the heritage McCrae Homestead - home in the 1840s to early settlers Andrew and Georgiana McCrae.

McCrae Banksia

Georgiana kept a diary of her life at McCrae and recorded many of the plants she found in and around the homestead.

The group's emblem, Banksia integrifolia - Coast Banksia, is indigenous to the McCrae area and can be found all along the foreshore.

McCrae Banksia Cone

Under the guidance of the Mornington Peninsula Shire Natural Systems Team, the group maintains constant weeding, planting and protection of the unique flora and fauna of the McCrae foreshore within Zone 6 of the Rosebud Foreshore Master Plan - from just east of the lighthouse through to Anthony's Nose.

McCrae Beach1

We meet on the first and second Sunday of the month on the McCrae foreshore at the Rotunda opposite Coburn Avenue, between 10am and 12noon. Tools are provided and members are covered by insurance.

One of the aims of the group is to increase public awareness of the fragility of this narrow section of the foreshore and to encourage the community to participate in its protection.

Maintaining healthy vegetation along the foreshore mitigates climate change, storm surges, beach stability, sand blowouts and erosion control and most importantly is the most effective protection from these impacts for the houses and other infrastructure nearby.

So, come and join us!

It is a wonderful opportunity to meet your neighbours learn about the indigenous flora and fauna and contribute to the local community. All ages are welcome.

More information? Email the Secretary or download a membership application below.

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